DAWN admires HyunA so much DAWN admires HyunA so much

DAWN shows all his love for HyunA, he really admires and supports his fiancee

DAWN revealed all the reasons why he loves and admires HyunA, now the world is dying of love

HyunA and DAWN have a beautiful romance story and their love shows and even more so now that he has revealed everything he admires about his future wife.

DAWN and HyunA are perhaps the best known couple in K-Pop. Both idols belonged to the Cube Entertainment agency and met when DAWN was still a trainee, while Hyuna had already debuted. At first their relationship was just friendly until both confessed what they felt for each other.

But, as many fans know, in the K-Pop industry the fact that idols are in a relationship is something taboo. Banned by many agencies or kept secret by others, it is very rare that an idol makes it public that she is dating someone or that she is getting married. This is why Hyuna and DAWN secretly dated for quite some time.

Upon being discovered, Hyuna and DAWN did not deny their love relationship, so they were fired from Cube Entertainment, but this would not be the end of their love or music career. Both continued to work as artists and even released an album together, showing that they were now stronger than ever and inseparable.

The love of this couple is great and this time DAWN talked more about everything he loves and admires about HyunA, he is as much in love as he was in the beginning and it's so nice to hear him talk about his future wife.

DAWN really admires HyunA as a person and revealed more of his love for his fiancee

To promote his solo comeback, DAWN offered an interview for Harper's Baazar magazine, in which he talked about different things. Among them, his love and admiration for HyunA, not only because she is his fiancée, but also as a person. She has helped him a lot and this is why he adores her so much.

Setting aside the fact that we’re a couple, HyunA’s a person I truly admire and respect

DAWN admires HyunA a lot | Twitter: @softforhyudawn

 They really are a dream couple, we love knowing how much Hyuna and DAWN love and support each other. His story will continue to be the most beautiful in the K-Pop industry.

HyunA was DAWN's photographer for his comeback with Stupid Cool

DAWN also talked about how HyunA helped him in the photoshoot for his 'Stupid Cool' comeback, she was the photographer for his jacket, and he loved his fiancee's talent behind the camera. She was even creative and made the photos look amazing.

She’s outstanding in terms of her grasp of visuals. I get a lot of help from her when it comes to visual elements like colors or outfits (...) HyunA shot my album jacket with the digital camera she always carries around, and I liked the end result as soon as I saw it, I realized, ‘Ah, so this is how HyunA sees me'

HyunA was DAWN's photographer | Twitter: @chaerinloml

 We love the work that HyunA and DAWN do together, their love story, and that they will be a great couple. We can't wait for your big wedding, we really adore you.

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