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DAWN is coming back! P Nation confirms release date for his new project

The eccentric singer DAWN is finally doing a comeback. P Nation has announced the release date with a hilarious photo.

In 2016 DAWN made his debut as a member of the K-Pop group Pentagon. Even since his rookies days, the rapper caught the attention of the public thank to his charisma on stage and his talent as a producer.

Abruptly his life changed after announcing his relationship with the famous singer HyunA. Both artists were forced to leave their agency Cube Entertainment but immediately a new door was open for them: P Nation.

DAWN for '1+1=1' / Twitter @OfficialPnation

P Nation is well known for being a friendly label that protects its artist giving them creative freedom. Here DAWN dropped his collab with Jessi "DAWNDIDIDAWN". Finally, after more than 1 year and a half, he is doing a comeback. Here is all the information for you.

P Nation confirms comeback for DAWN

As you may know, the agency P Nation was created by the superstar PSY. Just like the CEO, the company has a pretty creative and funny way to behave. On June 6th the official Twitter account dropped a mystery photo of the singer of "Gangnam Style"  writing something.

P Nation's post / Twitter @OfficialPnation

This post was announcing that an artist of the agency is ready to make a comeback. Finally, the information is clear. DAWN will be back on June 16th with new music. We can't wait for it!

DAWN's comeback announcement / Twitter @OfficialPnation

Previously, during a university festival, the rapper told his fans that he finished the recording of his upcoming single. At the same time, HyunA revealed that she will be back with a full album in July.

Apparently, P Nation is working on too many surprises for the public. Just a few weeks ago we enjoyed the comeback of Jessi with "Zoom", TNX's debut with "MOVE" and of course, the viral song "That That" by PSY.

Are you excited about it?

Do you love the music of P Nation artists? Check these songs by HyunA, she has the most unique concepts.

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