DAWN for 'Stupid Cool' DAWN for 'Stupid Cool'

DAWN drops the energetic love song 'Stupid Cool', this is the best of his comeback

Finally, DAWN is ready to rock the stage with his new single "Stupid Cool". We are telling you everything about this proposal song.

DAWN has almost six years of working in the industry. The talented rapper debuted as a member of the K-Pop group Pentagon. Under the stage name E'Dawn, the Idol produced and wrote various songs for the group such as the popular "Shine".

In 2018 DAWN had to leave the agency and the group. Immediately, he signed with P Nation, which became the perfect house to give him creative freedom. As you can notice, the rapper has a unique en excentric not easy to find among Koran artists.

DAWN for 'Stupid Cool' / Twitter @OfficialPnation

One year and eight months ago he dropped the mini-album "Dawndididawn". Finally, he is coming back with new music. The new single "Stupid Cool" was revealed! Here are the things that we love the most about this track.

DAWN is back with the proposal "Stupid Love"

On June 16 DAWN dropped its new single Stupid Cool. The first lines already let us see what is the song about. It is a unique love song that doesn't feel cheesy but cheerful and festive. It's something just the rapper can offer.

You may not know yet, let me tell you a secret. I was born for you.

DAWN for 'Stupid Cool' / Twitter @hyunasource

According to the lyrics, the track was made especially for his beloved lady. His words are pretty playful but honest about his happiness for being in a relationship. Such a great love song!

Every single outfit in this music video is awesome, however, is not for anyone. As you may know, the rapper is quite eccentric. All his clothes are very colorful, it is the perfect way to celebrate his lovely relationship.

'Stupid Cool' music video / Twitter @hyuidawn

The music video has the vibe of being a party song. The rapper and the dancer truly seem to have a great time with the song. Of curse they are! DAWN's musical interpretation of love is super energetic.

In the begging, the song feels soft but the pre-chorus is announcing how powerful the chorus will be. It's a saxophone sample joining forces with a simple but effective beat. We cannot leave without mentioning the awesome background guitars.

DAWN's charisma is all over the song. His raps are on point for a love song. Lovely but energetic at the same time. Finally, let's talk about the rapper using this song to propose. The artists get engaged with HyunA a few months ago and he is sharing his happiness with music.

What is the part that you like the most about Stupid Cool?

HyunA also has the most unique music. These tracks have interesting concepts.

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