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DAWN drops a colorful teaser for his comeback song 'Stupid Cool'

DAWN comeback is almost here! Are you ready for his new music? The first teaser for "Stupid Cool" was revealed.

In October 2020 DAWN and Jessi worked together to drop the insane song "DAWNDIDIDAWN". Both artists have a unique style that makes their music so distinctive. With this catchy track with can enjoy the flawless rap of the Idol.

The rapper is also a super talented dancer that can conquer the crown thanks to his awesome charisma. Despite having a short solo career, the world already knows that the all-rounded artist is always offering creative projects.

DAWN for 'Stupid Cool' / Twitter @OfficialPnation

Finally, after one year and eight months, the P Nation's rapper is ready to rock the stage with new music. Apparently, he is coming back with an eccentric for his upcoming single "Stupid  Cool". Let's watch the new teaser!

DAWN is coming back with a unique concept for "Stupid Cool"

On June 13th P Nation revealed the first teaser for DAWN's comeback with the single "Stupid Cool". The video starts with the rapper laying on the floor while enjoying the background guitars.

DAWN's teaser photo / Twitter @OfficialPnation

We see him wearing a head-to-toe pink outfit and interesting makeup. It continues with a scene of the Idols surrounded by teddy bears. He also is wearing a cute bear hat.

There are different scenarios but in all of them, the rapper presents the most unique fashion style. Color is the protagonist of this short clip. In just a few seconds we can notice the unique style that DAWN has to offer.

We can just listen to a fragment of the music, but it seems like this could be a pop-rock-inspired song. "Stupid Cool" will be released on June 16. We just have to wait a little bit more to enjoy this great comeback. Are you excited about it?

Do you know how PSY announced DAWN's comeback? It was hilarious! Read more about it here.

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