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Could this BTS cover be better than the original?

The world-famous K-pop band, BTS, surprised everyone with their cover of 'Fix You' by Coldplay. They performed it at MTV unplugged on February 23rd, 2021. The band was not appreciated by their fans only but by Coldplay and their fans too! Scroll down to find more about the amazing response they got!

  • BTS performed its top hit songs like 'Dynamite', 'Blue and Grey' 'Life Goes On', 'Telepathy' along with the 'Fix You' cover at MTV Unplugged.
  • The show aired at 5:00 pm Tuesday, on MTV's channel.
  • After the New Year Eve's performance, this was the second performance where the band member, Suga was present with the band.
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The seven-membered South Korean boy band appeared on MTV unplugged. As soon as they shared the amazing lineup for the show, fans started creating buzz over the internet. The lineup included 'Dynamite', 'Life Goes On', 'Telepathy' and 'Fix You' (Cover) by Coldplay

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It was wonderful to see them perform Coldplay's hit song as they added their magical aura to it. Also, it was giving fans a hint towards a collaboration between both the groups. And we just can't wait to see it becoming a reality!

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But this was not the sole reason due to which the fans were happy. They were enjoying it so much because 'Fix You' has extremely emotional lyrics. And BTS singing heartwarming lyrics is a killer combination! So, it was exciting for the fans to see how they made it even more special for them. 

Coldplay's reaction:

Coldplay's tweet

Undoubtedly, the performance is a masterpiece! The vocals, the feel, their outfits, everything was on point. And how can we not call it beautiful when even Coldplay has said it? They tweeted, 'Beautiful' in Korean as a response to the cover.

It's a great deal that the original artists have praised the band, that too in such a sweet way! Are we actually seeing a collaboration coming our way? *Chuckles*

BTS' fans reaction:

A fan's tweet

BTS' fans also didn't spare a moment to appreciate the band. They mentioned how this cover reflects the hard times they have been through. It also shows that the band is trying to comfort the fans in hard times like this pandemic. They are literally the angels!  

A fan's tweet

OMG, so they had been hinting at it for a long time. First V commented on collaborating with Coldplay, and then Jin and Jimin added the song to their Spotify playlists. We love how they plan everything from a long time.

Coldplay fans' reaction:

Fan's comment

It was lovely to see that even Coldplay fans praised BTS! Share your thoughts on it with us in the comments below and check out this amazing cover of 'Fix You' by BTS!

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