Comebacks for April 2022 Comebacks for April 2022

Comebacks for April 2022, next month will be filled with K-Pop

Like every month, the K-Pop world prepares for new music and even new artists with comebacks and debuts, what's in store for April 2022?

Many K-Pop artists are already ready to take to the stage again, and in April 2022 there will be plenty of new music for fans.

In the K-Pop industry, we can find extremely talented groups and soloists who are working harder and harder to be able to give their best in new songs and performances. Fans of this musical genre are delighted with all the shows of their favorite groups and singers, as well as with each new composition they release.

Although it seems that the competition is strong, the truth is that it comes down to each one's interests, and each girl group or boy band has a solid fanbase that never stops supporting and loving their favorite group in this genre of music from South Korea. There are a lot of things that make this type of music special, since there are issues that are handled very differently from Western music.

For example, albums, in the West there are artists who take years to release new music, while in Korea, singles, EPs, full albums and much more are constantly being released for fans, it is a matter of months to have something new from each group. This is why the excitement of K-Pop fans never stops.

And for April 2022 we will have a lot of new music that will charm us again with the talents and skills of groups and soloists, here we leave you this month's agenda so you don't miss all the comebacks that will come.

Comebacks scheduled for April 2022 that will bring new music for K-Pop fans

These are all the comebacks that K-Pop groups and soloists will have during April 2022, for now there are few confirmed but surely there will be many others.

Suho will have a solo comeback on April 2022 | Twitter: @oshcuddles

Stay tuned for these comebacks, which one are you expecting the most? Every idol and group is preparing great music for their fans.

Where to watch the comeback performances of K-Pop groups and soloists?

In South Korean music programs is where we can see the comebacks of our favorite groups and soloists, new episodes are released during the week. On shows like M! Countdown!, Inkigayo or The Show, some of these are available on YouTube and others upload their performances to the same platform.

Do not miss these programs or their videos to enjoy the performances of your favorite K-Pop groups and soloists, as soon as they have a comeback.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop artists, we tell you everything about BTS and its path to Grammy Awards, this is its story. 

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