Some of the groups having comebacks during August 2022 Some of the groups having comebacks during August 2022

Comebacks and debuts set for August 2022, what new things will K-Pop bring?

We are about to end July and August will start with new music in K-Pop, these will be the comebacks and debuts of the month

There will be a lot of new K-Pop music for August 2022 with all the debuts and comebacks coming up during the month.

Like every month, K-Pop agencies are dedicated to innovating and launching new things for all fans of this musical genre. And it is well known that in Korea groups release music very frequently, depending on the group. Every new mini album, album or single is welcome.

And in addition to having comebacks of our favorite groups already known, we also have the pleasure of meeting new groups, be it boy bands or girl groups, and even some mixed bands that debut in K-Pop. Fans are always on the lookout for the latest in this musical genre.

July is already ending, which brought big comebacks and debuts, like SEVENTEEN with 'Sector 17', TWICE with 'Celebrate' and more. But in August we will also have a lot more music to enjoy made by our favorite K-Pop groups. There will also be new idol groups that we will see debut during the month.

So don't miss out on upcoming comebacks and debuts, here we have all the information for you, so you don't miss anything new in K-Pop and you can add new songs to your playlist and stan new groups.

Comebacks and debuts scheduled for August 2022, there will be new music in K-Pop

Groups like TXT, TWICE, BLACKPINK and IVE will have comebacks in August 2022, the debut of a new girl group has also been announced, so starting the month we will have many new songs to enjoy. Here we have all the dates of the comebacks and debuts that will arrive during the next month.

Some of the groups to have a comeback during August 2022 | Twitter: @yyujinationn

Are you ready for these comebacks and debuts? We are sure that they will bring great songs for all K-Pop fans, it will be just amazing.

 How often do K-Pop groups comeback?

It depends on the idol group, some young groups have comebacks sometimes every 3-4 months, older groups might have comebacks every 6 months, every year or even years for their comebacks. The time varies a lot and also depends on their activities and more.

Let's enjoy all the music that our favorite idol groups bring us, we know that no matter how much time they invest in each comeback, they always do their best to give their best.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop groups and idols, here we have something about TXT which is on tour now and they had a special guest on their last concert. 

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