Comebacks and debuts of May 2022 Comebacks and debuts of May 2022

Comebacks and debuts scheduled for May 2022, it'll be a month full of K-Pop

Our favorite groups are ready for comeback and some new ones will debut in May 2022, so don't miss out new K-Pop music

Like every month, May will have a lot of new music in K-Pop, a lot of groups are ready to comeback or debut and fans are excited! May 2022 will be refresh your playlist.

K-Pop is always under renovation and searching for new things for fans. There are a lot of groups which turned into the favorite ones and we also have a lot of new bands each time. For those who have been in the industry for years, it's good to see how their fandoms keep growing.

And for those who are about to debut, it's amazing to see how the public reacts to something fresh and unknown. That's why K-Pop agencies keep working hard searching for new idols to debut. Or work with our favorite idols to show the best of each band in a new comeback.

Maybe this musical genre is pretty competitive, but it also gives lots of happiness to fans who keep looking forward new releases, groups and more from this Korean industry. So, are you ready for next comebacks and debuts? You need to have these dates in your diary.

Here we tell you everything about the comebacks and debuts scheduled for May 2022, next moth will be full of K-Pop, then... Let's get it!

All the comebacks and debuts that are coming to K-Pop in May 2022

Get ready for May 2022 and all of its comebacks and debuts, we'll see the big return of GOT7 which AHGASE has been waiting for. SEVENTEEN is another group which will have its comeback soon and with a full album. We'll see new talents with some debuts too, here we tell you everything about it.

These bands are ready for comeback in May 2022 | Twitter: @HBYSODE

 We're so excited, some of our favorite groups will have a comeback next moth which will be just amazing, we're sure it's going to be simply amazing.

Where are comebacks and debuts officially confirmed?

You have to follow your favorite groups and K-Pop agencies in social media in roder to know ASAP when a comeback or debut is officially announced or confirmed. Sometimes K-Media tends to spoil the rumors of comebacks but they need to be confirmed by the agency or group itself, so follow them and look at their official teasers.

Follow bands on social meadia to know more about their comebacks | Twitter: @ATEEZofficialjp

Some bands have two accounts, one for international fans and another one for Japanese fans. Aaaand, also you can keep reading more here where we tell you evertything about comebacks and debuts.

And a group who's about to have a comeback is MONSTA X, so don't miss out its new music with 'Shape Of Love', it'll be amazing! 

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