Giselle from Aespa smiling.

Choose your favorite hair look from Aespa's Giselle

Giselle is the lead rapper of the new girl band Aespa and one of the members who has caught the attention of K-pop fans even before debuting on November 17. Scroll down to see Giselle's different looks and choose your favorite.  

  • Giselle is a 20-year-old Japanese singer born under the name Uchinaga Eri.
  • Much has been said about the idol's past before her debut due to controversial photos of Giselle partying and it has even been discussed if she has undergone any plastic surgery due to the difference that can be seen in the pre and post debut photos of her.
  • SM Entertainment welcomed Giselle as a trainee after she performed for an open audition, and her evolution was so good that the company founded by Lee Soo Man decided to introduce her as a member of the new band Aespa after only 11 months of training.
Presentation picture of Giselle from Aespa.

Giselle has made fans fall in love with her because of her talent for rapping and also because of her incredible visuals.

Even though there was talk that the 20-year-old singer might have been a bully in high school, we have realized that she is actually very cute and sweet.

In the video presentation of Giselle that SM released on October 29th, before the debut of the band, we could see her with straight black hair. Watch it below!

However, in the music video for "Black Mamba" the new idol wore auburn hair that also suits her very well.

Auburn Giselle.

We could even see her sport a platinum blonde look that we loved.

Blonde Giselle.

I have my favorite Giselle and is the brunette, what is yours?

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