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Check out this quick pizza recipe by Jungkook of BTS!

Jungkook is a big time foodie! The youngest member of the band loves to eat a lot of food, and we adore his eating habits. To calm his enormous appetite, he is always trying to make quick meals for himself. Want to know the quick pizza recipe by your favorite idol? Scroll down to read it!  

  • The eldest member of BTS, Jin used to make meals for Jungkook in the band's debut days.
  • Jungkook learned cooking from his elder bandmates, and now he is ready to share an amazing pizza recipe with the fans.
  • His favorite Korean food is Rice Cake Soup with Dumplings.
Jungkook looking the cutest!

BTS had to do a cooking challenge in their variety web-series, RUN BTS. When the behind-the-scenes clip was shared by the editors of the show, we saw Jungkook making a quick homemade pizza for himself.

Have you ever imagined your favorite singer to be an amazing chef? Well, we didn't. Let's go through his short method of making pizza and bake one for ourselves too!

Jungkook looking at the camera!

Jungkook started off by grabbing some onions, capsicum and other available veggies. He cut them so finely that we got shook at his vegetable cutting skills. This boy is good at literally everything!

Then, he spread the sauce on pizza dough with a big bunny smile. We just can't stop adoring him!

Jungkook on 'BE' concept photo

A quick Jungkook tip: sing along while spreading the sauce to make a uniform layer of it.

After the sauce, he added the cheese on crust. And then more and more cheese. Well, there is no such thing as too much cheese for Jungkook!

Jungkook sending hearts to the fans

Finally, right before placing the pizza in the oven, he tossed the meat on top. Unlike some of us, Jungkook is not a vegetarian. He is a big meat lover!

Jungkook in euphoria

Almost done with Jungkook's recipe! Now you just need to put the pizza inside the oven. We find it hilarious how this small step was difficult for Jungkook as he had to struggle with the oven!

Afterwards, just desperately wait for the pizza to be ready.

Jungkook in the winter

Again a quick Jungkook tip to distract yourself: clean up the mess from the counter and put things back into the cabinets. And viola, your pizza is ready! Now munch on the pizza and let us know how it's been done.

The prettiest boy ever!

In Jungkook's case, it was different from the one he used to make at home but apparently he still liked it!

So how do you find Jungkook's short and quick recipe for pizza? Let us know in the comments down below and check out the video to see him making the pizza in the show!


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