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Check out these 3 songs from J-Hope if you like to dance!

The 27-year-old rapper from BTS has had many solo tracks on their album and his own mixtape, 'Daydream' out already. Did you know that his songs are perfect for dancing along too? This sunshine has been spreading light in our lives through his music. From his absolutely incredible song 'Ego' to his collab with Becky G on 'Chicken Noodle Soup' and the title track of his mixtape 'Daydream' are all great songs one could groove along to. Want to find out what makes each of these incredible? Read ahead to find the answers!

  • Born on 18th February 1994, J-Hope's joyful personality perfectly represents that he was born in the month of love. 
  • Hobi's mixtape was a huge success, which gave him a net worth of $20million. He loves spending his money and hence holds the title of a shopaholic in the group.
  • The 5'10" tall rapper is also the lead dancer in the group. He is a strict dance teacher to the members and makes sure they do not skip any practice sessions. 

1. Ego

Map of the soul: 7 was the album where all the members reflected and talked about their past. The theme seemed dark when Suga's Shadow and Black Swan released. Fans were expecting J-Hope to drop something similar. However, we know his vibe is different.

He dropped a song with a rhythm that made us forget that he is talking about his worries. It just makes us dance. Have you seen the only live performance of Ego from ON:E? The dance moves are so cute, just like Hobi! 

2. Daydream

Hope World is the happiest mixtape out there. There is just this joyful vibe attached to anything related to J-Hope, and it reflects so well in his work. This song is about wishing the wildest dreams even when the sun is out. J-Hope's freestyle dance moves will make you dance along to it.

It is easily one of our favorite songs on the mixtape.  Did you know Taehyung did a little cameo in the music video? Although you can't see his face, he's the person J-Hope tells to wake-up in the end. Enjoy this sassy clip where J-Hope says, 'crying doesn't fit with my life's vibe.' We second him on that.

3.Chicken Noodle Soup

The best collab ever! This song is all our dreams in one track. Becky G and J-Hope outdid themselves! The focus on dance in this song is making us so happy. The chicken noodle soup challenge was one of the cutest thing on the planet.

How can one not enjoy this song? We want to see more such collaboration between J-Hope and western artists. Perhaps Drake and J-Hope would be a record-breaker. Have you seen J-hope's cameo in Drake's music video? Check out the article here.

A closeup of J-Hope's perfect skin

We love Hoseok's vibey, and his songs are the perfect way to bring a smile to our faces. It doesn't matter if you're a bad dancer; you will definitely start dancing to his songs. Check out his song 'Just Dance' below! A perfect song to show the rapper's love for dance. 

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