Check out the surprising review of the new K-Pop stars Aespa

On November 17, the digital song “Black Mamba” from the new K-Pop group Aespa was released. This premiere was highly anticipated by fans and achieved great success in debuting at number 100 on the Billboard Global chart. But what is the opinion of Korean critics about SM Entertainment's new girl group? Keep reading to discover it.  

  • Aespa is the first girl group Lee Soo Man's company debuted in over 6 years.
  •  Red Velvet was the last female formation that SM launched and it was in 2014. 
  • The name of the new band comes from the mixture of two concepts: avatar experience (ae) and aspect (spa).
  •  This implies that Aespa intends to introduce virtual members in addition to humans and even an application to interact with avatars of the 4 members in the digital world. 
Giselle, Winter, Karina and Ning Ning.

Fans' view

While the debut song hit hard, there is a general feeling that we still have a lot to discover about the talents of Winter, Karina, Ning Ning and Giselle.

Giselle and her avatar.

The fans are fond of the Aespa girls and their sound.

But what is the opinion of Korean music critics about this debut?

Critics' view

IZM magazine is a major online publication owned by music critic Im Jin-mo since 2001.

In it we can expect to find reviews about the K-Pop music genre as well as articles and interviews with the artists. In the previous issue of the magazine we find the review of the Aespa group and its world debut.

Aespa rehearsing.

Although the writer's words reflected contentment for the band's global capabilities in terms of sound and aesthetics, the demonstration of the individual talents of the 4 girls seemed insufficient to him.

This he attributes to the SM company's training policy and its performance standards.

However, Im Jin-mo leaves an open hope of being able to see the true personality and talent of each of the members of Aespa in the near future.

My view

Aespa's avatars.

Personally I think SM has an ace up their sleeves and that “Black Mamba” has been but a small bite of what this 4th generation K-Pop group has in store for us.

What about your view?

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