Jennie Kim's bold look.

Check out the surprising look of Jennie Kim look without makeup!

Seems like Jennie’s a natural beauty! It’s quite obvious that the K-pop rapper doesn’t need any makeup when she has such flawless skin. Although Jennie is a famous singer, she isn’t afraid to show off her bare face in public. Do you think Jennie encourages her fans to love themselves just the way they are? Read below to find out more!  

  • The 24-year-old star follows a healthy diet plan and that's the reason behind her glass skin.
  • Jennie loves to wear makeup, but she also thinks that taking good care of your skin should be your first priority.
  • She loves to buy beauty cosmetics from her favorite French House, 'Chanel'

Jennie's makeup look

Jennie is looking extraordinarily gorgeous in makeup.

The South Korean diva loves to play around with creative makeup looks. Smokey eyes with a nude lip color has always been a signature look of Jennie. When she wears makeup for her stage performances, she looks attractive and more like a ball of fire.

Blackpink's star natural look

Jennie's glowing and flawless skin.

Although Jennie looks extremely beautiful with makeup, her glowing skin proves that she really doesn’t need it in the first place. Without any makeup, Jennie looks like an innocent girl.

Her baby face is actually what makes the admirers fall in love with her even more.  Who would’ve needed Kylie cosmetics when you have flawless skin like Jennie’s? 


Jennie with and without makeup.

I personally think that Jennie looks much better with her bare face. She can also win the hearts of the admirers with her natural beauty. She always encourages her fans to love themselves for who they are, and she shows it by not being afraid to step out in public without makeup. In 2021, this is the kind of beauty positivity we all need! Do you like Jennie’s makeup look or the natural ones? Let us know in the comments below.

Watch a video of Jennie Kim without makeup below:


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