Check out the family of BTS singers J-Hope, Suga and Jin

BTS members rarely speak about their private lives. It is hard to know much about their pasts. Luckily, some members' siblings are happy to share their everyday lives with Army. Do you want to know what the siblings of world stars BTS do in their lives? Read along!

  • With a net worth of $3.8 billion, BTS helped generate around $3.5 billion for South Korea's economy in 2018.
  • The group of 7 members has 3 rappers and 4 vocalists. 
  • Kim Taehyung, better known as V, is the member with the longest hands in the group. 

BTS' members' siblings must be on social media, but most of them are keeping it low. Here are the siblings who have public accounts on social media. 

1. J-Hope's sister

J-Hope's sister

Jung Jiwoo has her clothing brand called 'Mejiwoo' on Instagram. Good looks run in the DNA of the Jung family. Jiwoo's Instagram is heaven for Korean Fashion. She posts about her brand a lot.

On the stories, she would often talk to her followers that include many Armies.  Recently,  she started posting her everyday life vlogs on YouTube too. Army loves her as much as they love J-Hope. Her fashion sense is impeccable. Have you seen her Instagram yet? 

2. Suga's brother

Min Geum Jae, brother of SUGA, posted a photo of them together on IG. “Take care in U.S. and come back~~ Hyung is always cheering for you, cheer up!

Min Geum-Jae has his Instagram public for the Army. His Instagram handle is 'goldjay89'. He likes to share his everyday life and occasionally drops pictures with Suga from the past. Did you see their baby pictures? The two brothers give off a savage vibe. Don't you think? 

3. Jin's brother

Kim Seokjung revealed his Instagram to Army on his wedding day. Jin belongs from a family of beautiful people. Seokjung usually posts about his everyday life with his beautiful wife. They have an adorable relationship, and we love to watch them together.

We love that BTS' family likes to share with Army. Army loves them regardless of whether they choose to share their life with them or not. Which member's sibling do you wish you could follow on Instagram? 
Check out Jiwoo's vlog below to know her everyday life.

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