Check out the 4 unkown members of BTS!

Before the current members of the K-pop band BTS debuted, the band had many other members in the lineup. After many people left, BTS changed from being a hip-hop group to an idol group. Who were these rappers and why did they leave? Keep reading to find out!

  • BTS is currently a 7-member band and debuted in 2013.
  • They're managed by BigHit Entertainment and have a net worth of $450 million.
  • According to Suga, BTS was originally supposed to be a hip-hop group.

1. Iron

BTS RM with former member Iron. Source: Pinterest

Iron was a part of the original BTS lineup, but left before debut. It's not stated why he ended up leaving, but he was apparently on good terms with RM after his departure.

Iron during a magazine photoshoot. Source: Urbanlike Magazine

ARMYs are grateful he took leave since he was detained for illegal substance intake in 2016.

2. Supreme Boi

J-Hope, Docskim and Supreme Boi enjoying a meal. Source: docskim via Instagram

This name might be familiar to most ARMYs. Supreme Boi was originally a trainee for BTS but left after realizing he wanted to be a producer. He's a producer for BigHit now and works closely with the band, he was even featured in the BTS rap line song 'Cypher pt.3'!

3. i11evn

i11evn was part of the original BTS formation, before the band was even named BTS. It's not stated why he left, but it might be because he was much older than most members which messed with the group's dynamic.

Cover for i11evn's mixtape 'The Next Top 5'. Source: i11evn

But the group surely lucked out by him leaving since he, just like Iron, was detained for illegal substance inake in 2016.

4. Kidoh

Kidoh and BTS Jin before debut. Source: Pinterest and Twitter

Since BTS slowly went from being a hip-hop group to an idol group, Kidoh left for the group 'Top Dogg'. He was an underground rapper and trained for a year with the BTS members before choosing to leave.

BTS at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Source: Dispatch

No matter what the past holds, we're happy and proud of the BTS today and I'm sure ARMYs all around the world hope BTS are proud of themselves too!

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