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The 2 funniest inside jokes of BTS!

The boys could be also comedians, because they laugh 24/7. Put the boys in one room and just hear them laughing and goofing around because whenever they are together that's all they do! Obviously, they work too but most of it is them playing around. Get ready for rolling around while laughing on the floor, because we have jotted down the two most hilarious yet shocking inside jokes of BTS members. Watch the video below to check it out!

  • BTS has been living together for more than 8 years and with a strong team, they have earned a net worth of $450 million.
  • They all were teenagers when they got together.
  • The members have achieved so many records such as the name in Guinness book of world record when all of them are just under 30.

When we say that BTS members are part-time musicians and full-time comedians, we are absolutely not wrong. These seven guys exactly know how to make everyone laugh with their amazing sense of humor. We have luckily got our hands on some of their secret jokes so let's take a look at them!

1. The 'Star' joke:

BTS V on stage

So we are starting off with one of the 19+ inside jokes of BTS as well their fans. The band made an appearance on one of the Korean shows to give some insights about their ongoing projects back in 2015.

V smiling at the camera

There, they were asked that what the members wanted to become when they were young. At this, the second youngest member, V shared his wish and made all of us laugh out loud. Basically, he said that he wanted to become a saxophonist, but due to the slow pronunciation of the word, he made it sound like a 'sexy p**n star'. We can only imagine the embarrassment all the members had faced. *Chuckles*

RM posing for the camera

But RM then covered the situation and made him say it again properly. We still can't control our laughter at it!

2. The difference between a kiss and peck joke:

Jimin showing his eye smile

As we mentioned before that the boys know how to have fun by joking and making everyone laugh with their on-point jokes and reactions. The members gathered for their performance after the comeback in 2015 and had some great time backstage.

Jin looking so fine

Out of nowhere, Jin asked Jimin:

What's the difference between peck and a kiss?

BTS on set

Jimin got flustered but went on to answer the question. He said

Peck is a gentle kiss while kiss is a...

RM with cute smile

He then stopped to think of a proper definition but RM came to the rescue. He said,

It's the tongue!

We definitely laughed really loud as it was extremely unexpected. Jimin then told the camera that he has learned the difference.

It's the existence and non-existence of tongue.

Can they just stop being so funny? 

Tiny teenager Jungkook

Apparently no, because Jimin then went to Jungkook to ask the same question from him. A small reference Jungkook was only 17 at that time. But the youngest one isn't less than anyone as he answered the bandmate's question in the most hilarious way possible. He basically just explained it by imitating the actions from one of the old Korean movies where the actors tell the difference by rubbing their arms hurriedly.

Well, who would have guessed that these cute boys could be so bold about saying it, but we absolutely enjoyed this awkward yet lively moment.*chuckles*

BTS laughing out loudly

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to share any more inside jokes you know about in the band. 


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