Jungkook at the 'Spring Day' photoshoot Jungkook at the 'Spring Day' photoshoot

Check out Jungkook's insane workout routine

The 23-year-old idol from BTS is famous for his toned abs and amazing body. He loves to work out and can even lift 24 pounds of weight with just one arm. Do you want to be as fit as him? Then scroll down to find out his complete workout routine!  

  • Jungkook wants to have a body like South Korean singer, Kim Jong-kook.
  • The tattoos on his arm, eyebrow piercing, and freshly cut short hair compliment his lean figure.
  • He has a height of 5'10" and has maintained a weight of 144 lbs with his amazing workout routine.
Jungkook posing for the camera at Map of the Soul: ONE

The K-pop idol always takes care of his appearance, especially his body. No matter what, he can never compromise on his workout routine. BTS' dance practice routine is enough to keep him in shape, but he prefers going the extra mile to keep himself fit.

Jungkook at the photoshoot of album, 'BE'

At this, even if he has to compromise on his favorite food, he doesn't hesitate that. On a live video with the fans, he mentioned,

If it were not for looking like an icon, he would get beers and eat food when he wants

Being an idol is not an easy job!

Apart from the band's dance practice schedules, he practices for an extra 2-3 hours as the exercise. He follows this routine 5 times a week, and it helps him improve his dance skills as well.
This is how he has joined the group's dance subunit. Jungkook is so hardworking.

Jungkook showing off his bright smile

However, we all know that he loves to eat. And he does not like to avoid eating good food all the time. So he balances this out with a proper exercise plan, which is as:

20 squats
20 push-us
20 jump-squats
20 shoulder press exercises
Ten plank shoulder blades
20 mountain climber
15 burpees
20 crunches
20 leg raises
20 superman

Woah, that's insane! Only Jungkook can follow a plan like this. 

Jungkook at BTS' Winter Package 2020

For shooting the 'Butter' music video, the band's youngest member went on an extremely hard diet plan. He followed his workout routine and survived only on water for five days. Isn't that crazy?

Jungkook in 'Butter' music video

The BTS singer is just so passionate about his physique that he can do anything for maintaining it. But we hope that he stays healthy and doesn't burden himself. Besides that, we are happy with whatever makes him happy!

What do you think about Jungkook's workout plan? Let us know in the comments below and check out Jungkook working out!

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