Exo singer DO at the military

Finally: new law will exempt K-Pop idols from the military!

K-pop fans have had to say goodbye to their favorite idols for 20 months over and over every time one of them turned 28. But all that is now over. Watch the video below!

  • In South Korea, military service is compulsory for all men from the age of 28. 
  • The duration of their duties for the homeland ranges from 20 to 24 months. 
  • The type of obligations and tasks that each male will have will be defined after a training period or they can also be decided based on their physical condition.

How come they don't have to go?

Chanyeol and Baekhyun having fun while performing.

Very recently we said goodbye to Chen from Exo who went to do his mandatory military service.And last month Chanyeol turned 28 for which apparently he would have to go to the army soon. Baekhyun, also a member of Exo, turned 28 in May.

Exo sending off Chen to the military service.

But thanks to a new decree approved by the Korean government, certain idols could delay their time in the military until their 30s. This does not apply to all Korean pop singers.

Who will benefit from this new law?

Exo in black and white.

Only to those who are considered vitally important as national and international representatives of Korean culture. This means that only those idols from especially relevant groups like Exo, BTS, or NCT among many others could make use of this benefit.


Only elite athletes and classical music artists had these facilities but now Exo-ls' and Army's can breathe easy and enjoy their bias for a couple more years.

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