Chaeyoung from Twice.

Chaeyoung's guilty pleasures!

Chaeyoung is the fashion queen of the girl group Twice, but she has other loves besides putting together the best outfits and stylings. Sroll down to learn a little more about the idol's likes and dislikes!

  • Son Chae-young is one of the South Korean members of the K-pop group Twice managed by JYP Entertainment.
  • When she was 14 years old, Chaeyoung presented herself as an aspiring trainee in JYPE, managing to enter after a round of two auditions.
  • After participating in the reality show Sixteen in 2015 she ended up being one of the nine members of Twice and the rest is history.
Chaeyoung blonde.

After knowing her for over 6 years we can say that we know a lot about Chaeyoung, but there are still many things to discover about the 21-year-old rapper.

In a live stream through her social media, the artist revealed some of her likes regarding snacks and international artists, to her followers.

Many of them were interested in knowing what her hidden pleasures were when it came to food.

It is widely known that K-Pop professionals go on strict diets to stay in shape, but there are some tastes they never fail to indulge in.

In Chaeyoung's case, ice cream is one of her weaknesses.

Chaeyoung loves ice cream.

She likes it so much that doesn't even have a favorite flavor.

The idol always asks for a different one and chooses it according to her mood.

However, among her favorites are chocolate, chocomint and yogurt. Strawberries and chocolate are another of the snacks that she enjoys on her diet-free days. A classic!

Chaeyoung posing with strawberries.

Coffee is one of her guilty pleasures, since according to the singer causes her headaches but nevertheless Chae cannot stop drinking it.

Fans also asked about the favorite artists of the "Cry For Me" singer.

HyunA and SNSD stand out among gender colleagues, but she enjoys the music of Harry Styles and Ariana Grande a lot.

How incredible a collaboration between Twice and Ariana would be!

While we dream about this, let's enjoy Melody Project's new music video below.

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