TWICE and BLACKPINK have a cute friendship TWICE and BLACKPINK have a cute friendship

Chaeyoung and Rosé had a date that proves TWICE and BLACKPINK's friendship

The girls of BLACKPINK and TWICE are besties, as Chaeyoung and Rosé showed on their most recent date

TWICE and BLACKPINK have many things in common and one of them is having a member by the name of Chaeyoung, they are both very good friends and this date proves it.

TWICE is one of the most recognized K-Pop girl groups, its nine members have created a perfect formula to conquer the public with their songs and performances. Also the personalities and charisma of these artists have managed to attract the attention of the public.

Another equally relevant girl group in the industry is BLACKPINK, made up of 4 talented girls who have captured the hearts of their fans with various songs and performances. Internationally, both TWICE and BLACKPINK are recognized and have gigantic fandoms.

In K-Pop there may be some competition but it is healthy and enmity does not exist. There is a lot that TWICE and BLACKPINK have in common, one of those things is having a member named Chaeyoung, although the idol of TWICE does use that name, the BLACKPINK girl is more recognized as Rosé.

And what else do both Chaeyoung of TWICE and BLACKPINK have in common? Well, the truth is that both have a beautiful friendship and recently they had a date that proves more of their beautiful relationship.

TWICE's Chaeyoung and BLACKPINK's Rosé went out to eat together and made their fans happy with their friendship

Through Twitter, a photo went viral that may not have the best quality in the world, but it is about Chaeyoung from TWICE and Rosé from BLACKPINK eating together in a great restaurant. The idols had a cute date that proves their beautiful friendship.

Chaeyoung and Rosé eating together | Twitter: @voguesana

Although you may not be too convinced by this photo, the idols of TWICE and BLACKPINK also left their autographs at the restaurant, so there is no better proof than this that they were both in the place having the best bestie date. 

Rosé and Chaeyoung's autographs | Twitter: @ROSE_LAND_CY_PS

Isn't this friendship just great? This is how the idols had a moment together in this great restaurant in South Korea, ONCE and BLINK are very happy to see these besties from TWICE and BLACKPINK. 

TWICE's Chaeyoung and BLACKPINK's Rosé have had the best moments and interactions

In various awards or events in which BLACKPINK and TWICE have been able to be together, it is where we have seen more interactions and moments of Chaeyoung and Rosé. Both have a simply great friendship, all the fans love to see them interacting.

This great friendship loves fans, it is the best to see BLACKPINK and TWICE since there are many who are ONCE and BLINK at the same time, they admire and support all these girl group idols equally.

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