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Can you guess what the K-pop star Jisoo's hidden talent is?

Is it possible for any talent to stay hidden when you're a worldwide star? Jisoo is a highly ambitious woman who always has great takes. Apart from being a singer, songwriter, actress, and model, there is still one thing we do not know. Read more below to see what hidden talent she has.

  • Jisoo has songwriting credits for Blackpink’s new single Lovesick Girls.
  • She was born on 3rd January 1995 and is the youngest member of her family.
  • The 25-year-old is set to debut as an actress in the K-drama ‘Snowdrop’. 
  • Blackpink’s debut album has sold over 1.2 million copies worldwide.
Jisoo at a fansign

Hidden talents are termed hidden as they are small aspects of our personality that go unnoticed. All eyes and cameras are always on Jisoo, so how did we miss this? In 2018, on a Korean reality program called Idol Room, Blackpink revealed that Jisoo has a special talent.

Jisoo on the set of Ice Cream MV

The hosts were intrigued to hear what it would be, just like us! It was revealed that Jisoo loves to re-create nursery rhymes. She takes bits and pieces and turns them into a song with a really cool melody. This helps when she has to babysit her nephew! I think that's a super cute talent, Jisoo!

Jisoo backstage at music show

Later on, the hosts brought out 4 kids that had to pick their favorite Blackpink member. It was Jisoo's time to shine and woo the kids to pick her. The singer grabbed her mic and did a cute dance routine too as she sang old-school rhymes. The effort paid off as Jisoo won! 

My hidden talent is that I'm fantastic at free-hand drawing! I hope in the future we can see Jisoo compose a nursery rhyme that is used in schools. That would be so cool. Do you have any hidden talents you want to spill? Comment below!

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