Can you guess Jimin’s favorite part from ‘Life Goes On’ MV?

‘BE’ is finally here! BTS made their most awaited comeback on November 20, and once again caused a surge on the internet. The members reacted to the title track of the album ‘Life Goes On’ on Vlive. Keep reading to find out which particular scene got Jimin really excited!

  • Park Jimin was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan.
  • The 24-year-old is known for his cuteness, his captivating vocals, and fluid dance moves.
  • He is the shortest member in the group, and his band mates often make fun of his 5’8” height.
BTS members live on 'V LIVE'


The title song of the album ‘Life Goes On’ made a successful debut and reached 67.7 million views on YouTube, within 24 hours of its release. All members, except Suga, sat down together in their comfy pajamas to review the masterpiece. The members' reaction to their music videos is something the Army always looks forward to.

Jimin smiling for the camera

During the reaction video, the Bangtan boys must have screamed ‘STOP’ a hundred times, as they paused to share their views on every scene. However, from the very beginning of the video Jimin was eager to express his thoughts on one scene in particular.

Jimin teasing V

Well, the part included none other than Jimin’s soulmate, V. In the scene, V is seen driving on an empty road, while he seductively rubs his finger and thumb over his lips. Jimin couldn’t resist and teasingly asked his best friend the reason behind this move.

V's reaction to Jimin's comment

Kim Taehyung, who was busy devouring a slice of pizza at that time, was caught off-guard. He immediately covered up by saying ‘It's just my habit. But, Jimin didn’t buy it and claimed he had never seen him do that before. 

Jimin and V posing for a shoot

V and Jimin share an iconic bond, and this is not the first time they have roasted each other. Fans live for these ‘Vmin’ moments, as they show how close the ‘95-liners’ really are. The two have even composed a song called 'Friends' to celebrate their friendship. Check out the video below!

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