What happens if BTS is dating? What happens if BTS is dating?

Can BTS members date? Get to know the rules for K-Pop idols

Who wouldn't love to date BTS? These idols have charmed a lot of fans but can they have an official relationship?

ARMY would love to date BTS' members, but that might not be possible, their agency has rules and maybe dating is banned in HYBE.

Even if BTS is well-known all over the world, there are a lot of things might can represent culture clashes since it's a group from South Korea, even fan culture is pretty different as the one that we have in Western. That's why sometimes there are a lot of rules and more that we might not understand at all.

But as Bangtan Sonyeondan is a worldwide pphenomenon, there is a lot of interest in every aspect of the idols' career, way of life, way of work and even more. That's when fans get to know a lot about how does K-Pop industry works and why is it so different to music from all over the world.

We can talk about the relationship between idols and fans, their bond is pretty close and K-Pop artists tend to be in touch with their fans in a different way than many other stars around the world. For a lot of people is easy to know if their favorite musician is dating, but this is not something that happen with the south korean musical genre.

That's when you get to know the rules about dating, for idols it might be banned, can BTS date? This is the rule for HYBE's artists.

Can BTS date? What happens if the idols have a relationship?

Actualy, BTS members can date, since its agency is not able to ban them from doing it, only with trainees dating banning is possible, but when they become idols, they can have a relationship. But, it needs to be managed as almost a secret since fan culture is different and on this kind of issues it has intese reactions.

So, BTS can date, but if they do, it's a secret since mainly korean fans might get really angry if they have a public and official relationship due to the idol-fan bond that they've created.

Can BTS have a relationship? | Twitter: @ARMYonSpotify

It might be sad for fans to know that BTS can date, but as we know, all of them are single, and even if there are some theories about their relationship status, ARMY prefers to enjoy their music and performances and respect their private life.

Has BTS had dating rumors?

Yes, there are rumors about BTS dating, Jungkook had one some time ago about him dating Lee Yoo Bi a south korean actrees, but their agencies confirmed that this was just a rumor, not the true. Some fans even think that RM is already married and that he has a son, but its unconfirmed, those are just theories about the idol.

BTS and its dating rumors | Twitter: @BTSArmy_47

So, as we said it before, it's better to enjoy BTS' music and respect the private life of the idols, would you get mad if you find out that Bangta Boys are dating?

Get to know more about BTS and its idols, actualy there's another rumor about Jungkook and Jimin, did they get a couple tattoo? 

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