Can BLACKPINK idols date? Can BLACKPINK idols date?

Can BLACKPINK members date? Get to know the rules for these idols

Are BLACKPINK members allowed to date? Some K-Pop agencies ban their idols of this activity

Is one of the BLACKPINK members in a relationship? Get to know more about this girl group and the rules of YG Entertainment about dating.

BLACKPINK has conquered the world with its music, the members of this girl group work hard on their songs and performances to show the best for fans who keep showing their love and support for them even in their solo projects.

But there's a lot more we can admire about BP members, like their beauty. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa  have amazing physicial features which make a lot of fans fall in love with them. Their bright charisma and grear personality also attracts BLINK.

That's why it would be a big dream for fans to date BLACKPINK members, maybe it'd be amazing for them to hang out with these girls and find a deeper connection with them. Maybe someone would find the true love in one of these artists.

But, can BLACKPINK idols date? Here we tell you everything about the rules which the idol group has to respect in YG Entertainment.

Does YG Entertainment allow BLACKPINK members to date?

Actually, YG Entertainment bans its groups from dating, they can't have a relationship but BLACKPINK's Jennie revealed that they can break this rule if their CEO gives them permission to do it. You might remember about the fleeting love relationship between Jennie and EXO's Kai.

BLACKPINK members can't date | Twitter: @zkdohwan

Sometimes it's said that idols are actually allowed to date but what's not allowed is to make their relationship public. So, we might not know if BLACKPINK members are actually dating.

What other rules does YG Entertainment have for their idols?

YG Entertainment has more rules for its idols, members of Treasure or iKON can't smoke, drink, go to clubs, or get tattoos or plastic surgery. Those are the agency's rules for the artists who work there.

BLACKPINK members must respect YG's rules | Twitter: @jennielikeiroke

These are some of the rules that BLACKPIBNK members should respect in YG Entertainment, the idol group must fulfill with the agency's orders.

Keep reading more about BLACKPINK, here we tell tyou everything about the Record Guinness which the idol group holds. 

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