How the K-pop star Jisoo relieves stress before performing?

2020 seems like the best year to take up as many indoor hobbies as possible. Apart from being stuck within four walls the monotony of school and office work has bored us out. Read more below to see how Jisoo spends her free time to cope with stress.  

  • Jisoo is the oldest member of Blackpink with a height of 5’3”.
  • Only at 25 years of age, the singer has a net worth of $9 million.
  • She likes to post a lot on her popular Instagram account which has 31.4 million followers.
  • Her K-drama ‘Snowdrop’ is a JTBC production set to air in early 2021.
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Everyone has a way to cope with sadness or stress. My favorite thing to do after a long hard day is to listen to music. It never matters what the genre or language is. For most people, it's traveling or eating junk food. However, a superstar like Jisoo simply has proposed another hobby!

Jisoo for Ice Cream MV

During In-Style Korea's interview in 2017, the singer stated that her favorite activity to do in her free time was read books. Jisoo has often been seen carrying around novels too. She said that she finds it great to indulge in something that takes her away from reality. I love to read as it helps me fall asleep. Do you like to read before bed too?

Jisoo carrying a novel

'Focusing on the book can also help organized your complicated thoughts in your head instantly,' Jisoo shared. Her favorite novel is 'Kafka on the Shore' and she shares that she keeps reading it over and over again. Jisoo also encourages fans to read more books and even suggested 'The Price of Salt' to them! 

Jisoo backstage at a show

Wow! As someone who has always loved reading I know the value of how calming it truly is. Everyone has their hobbies, whether it's art or music but literature should also be a part of it all, don't you think? What stress-relieving activities have you lined up for the lockdown? Let us know in the comments below. 

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