Jisoo's amazing journey from a mystery girl to a K-pop star!

South Korean singer Jisoo made her debut as a member of Blackpink, in 2016. Her career has been long and unconventional throughout her life. From starting off as an actress to a successful vocalist, the queen depended on no one but herself. What is the reason behind her fame? Read below to find out!

  • Jisoo has an estimated net worth of $8 million.
  • She is the brand ambassador for the famous luxury brand, 'Dior'.
  • The 25-year-old Korean diva stands tall at an impressive 5'4".
  • Check out Blackpink's new ablum teaser poster in the tweet below!

Kim Ji-soo was born in the city of Gunpo, in January 1995. The talented artist started off her acting career in the 2015 South Korean drama 'The Producer'. She became a K-pop commodity years before her official debut with Blackpink. 

She made cameos in music videos like, 'Epik Highby' and 'Hi Suhyun', back in 2014. Jisoo also landed endorsement deals with some well-known brands: LG, Nikon and Samsonite. 

Kim Jisoo for LG! Source: aminoapps.com

Her singing skills and visual beauty were put on full display after Blackpink made their debut singles. While Blackpink members do not have designated roles, Jisoo has been noted for keeping the group’s vocal harmonies together. Her melodious voice made her one of our favourite singers in no time.  

One of the most notable things in her character is how caring she is towards her bandmates. Her unpredictable and quirky personality makes her quite interesting. Despite being shy in real life, she becomes a completely different person when performing live.

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