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Blackpink members reveal their struggles during the pandemic

K-pop idols have careers that require heavy interaction with their fans. While most of this was easy before, the Pandemic has caused a great distance between fans and artists. Read more below to see how Blackpink tackles this struggle. 

  • Jisoo is the eldest member of Blackpink with a net worth of $9 million. She comes online to talk to fans the most.
  • Jennie was the first Blackpink member to audition for YG Entertainment.
  • Currently, Blackpink is promoting luxury brands like DIOR and Celine. Their influence on the fashion world is crazy!

Jisoo opens up about connecting with fans

Jisoo for Kill This Love

The lead vocalist of the group expressed her love for fans by starting off that she misses them. We miss you too, Jisoo! She said that the group is used to seeing fans in crowds and waiting for them but these days none of that is possible. A lot of idols have cried over it during online concerts. 


More music this year!

Blackpink for Lovesick Girls

As a way to thank fans for support all over the world, YG Entertainment has made a promise to give Blackpink more content this year. The girls enjoyed collaborations with western pop legends Lady Gaga and Cardi B. Their album has sold over 1.2 million copies. I think this accomplishment is amazing, don't you?

Making use of social media platforms

Blackpink backstage after performance

Jisoo also makes sure to come online as much as she can. From Instagram posts, VLIVE, and Twitter the Blackpink girls make use of social media to stay in touch with fans. To escalate the excitement for year-end, Blackpink has announced a secret global project! Read more about it here!

I feel like it is easy to feel demotivated during these times no matter where you go. The sudden shutdown of worldly activities has affected many people mentally and financially. Idols are invested in their careers thanks to the love from fans, not seeing them must be so upsetting. Do you have any struggles you would like to share? Comment below. 

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