Blackpink the movie poster Blackpink the movie poster

THE MOVIE: Blackipnk's 5th anniversary movie reaction

The K-pop idols revealed a new trailer for their upcoming movie, 'Blackpink's 5th Anniversary' and started trending worldwide with almost 3 million views in 5 hours. Watch the reaction video, below.

  • The movie will premiere on August 4 and August 8, 2021.
  • It's a recap of the last 5 years of Blackpink.
  • Fans are waiting for backstage scenes, personal interviews to every member Jennie, Lisa,  Rosé and Jisoo as well as never-before-seen footage.
  • The trailer 

K-Pop loves to celebrate. And Blackpink is no exception. 

Official movie poster for Blackpink the movie

The caption of the video mentioned:

On Aug 4 & 8 BLINKs worldwide will come together in cinemas 
to celebrate 5 years of BLACKPINK! 
Don't miss out on your chance to see brand-new concert
and behind-the-scenes footage on the big screen.

Fans are super excited. The trailer shows a fragment of every member Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo talking about how they feel on and off-stage.

Fans can purchase hard cover albums and holograms in the official movie website

It ends with an emotional fragment of Lisa crying, that left our hearts trembling! We loved the trailer, it looks super emotional, deep and we are super excited to see what comes next! 

Tickets still available at Ticket prizes range from $5 to $20 depending on your local movie theater. 


Blackpink posing in 2021

So what do you guys think? I think it's gonna it's going to look amazing to see how these girls work behind the scenes because we get so many details on their tours on their magazine covers for example what they did for Vogue, we see their backstage, but we never get to feel what they really feel to see them vulnerable. We never get to see them um opening up, and I think this is the site that fans and blinks wanted to see most, pretty sure they're going to do something similar with BTS a documentary film but five years it's a lot it's a lot it's already a lot to even being on the top and more staying on top and even more growing up year by year because what we see always in the music industry are these waves artists that they go up, and they slow down with K-pop with hip-hop. Bow wow for example the American rapper is a perfect example but with Blackpink we're seeing a constant growth and that's something that we need to appreciate and keep in mind because they Blackpink also BTS they open up a new market a new entire market for other K-pop bands they're the pioneers because they're going super, super hard on the international crowd like me like maybe you um and that's I think it's eye-opening, and it helps the industry for sure so definitely going to see the movie tell me what you guys think thank you for watching have a great day bless you

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