Trainee A in LA Trainee A in LA

BigHit's Trainee A shows up in Los Angeles and is welcomed by its fans

Do you know Trainee A? It's BigHit's next idol group who already showed their talents on the streets of Los Angeles surrounded by a lot of fans

Surely success is coming for Trainee A, a new idol group from BigHit Entertainment that seems to have everything ready to debut, as the trainees demonstrated during their visit to the United States.

What is Trainee A? It is a pre-debut group of 7 boys who are ready to debut. They belong to the BigHit Entertainment agency that has talents like BTS and TXT. It also belongs to HYBE, which is already one of the strongest companies in K-Pop, so quality is assured with this upcoming idol group.

Who makes up Trainee A? This group that has not debuted yet is made up of 7 trainees, as mentioned before. Their names are Yorch Yongsin, Leo, Sangwon, Woochan, James, JJ, and Jihoon. These guys have been part of BigHit for a while and maybe they are ready to shine on stage.

This project still in pre-debut has caught the attention of many K-Pop fans, Trainee A already has her fandom that continues to grow, she has been called Aeon. And he has been supporting the trainees on SNS and looking forward to its debut so that he can further show its great support.

Well, 6 of the members of Trainee A traveled to Los Angeles and performed in front of hundreds of fans, how did this happen? Here we tell you more details.

Trainee A performs in Los Angeles surrounded by many fans, as well as the pre-debut group during their visit to the United States.

Through social networks, Trainee A invited their fans from Los Angeles to go to Venice Beach, as the trainees would perform there in a street performance that no one would want to miss. Since yesterday, Aeon was already organizing to go and share everything that this first busking.

Traine A's invitation to fans | Twitter: @TraineeAtrans

But maybe Trainee A didn't expect so many fans to see them, the trainees were surrounded by hundreds of people who watched them, some even asked for autographs. Surely this is a great sign, they will be a success as soon as they debut.

A lot of fans sorrounded Trainee A | Twitter: @TraineeAtrans

When will Trainee A debut?

There is no exact date for the debut of Trainee A yet, but it is expected that it will be during this 2022 that these boys become idols and finally shine with their great talents and abilities. Many fans are looking forward to this new K-Pop group.

Trainee A will debut soon | Twitter: @TraineeAUnion

Trainee A already has quite a few fans, so a big hit is on the way for these new idols who seem fully prepared to finally take to the stage with their long-awaited debut.

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