TXT and Bang Si Hyuk TXT and Bang Si Hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk is the TXT's proud dad in this viral video recorded at Lollapalooza 2022

Bang Si Hyuk, the Big Hit's founder attended Lollapalooza to support TXT. His adorable reaction during the event went viral.

Tomorrow x Together is making history! The singers of "Good Boy Gone Bad" are now the first K-Pop group ever to perform at Lollapalooza. Their show at Chicago's giant music festival was insane!

Despite their massive popularity, the members of TXT are considered rookie artists. Of course, it was a very important moment in their careers. However, they have the support of MOA, also, their labelmates were there to encourage them.

TXT and Bang Si Hyuk / Twitter @milk_glossyj

BTS's Jimin and J-Hope were spotted vibing to their great songs. Their friendship is lovely! That's not all, their boss Bang Si Hyuk was in the crowd as well. Now, some videos of the producer are all over social media. We are telling you everything.

Bang Si Hyuk watching TXT at Lollapalooza melts the fans' hearts

On July 31ts the producer Bang Si Hyuk was seen at the Lollapalooza 2022. The founder of Big Hit was in line waiting for the TXT performance at the festival. When the show started he was really excited just like the rest of the fans.

A fan filmed Bang Si Hyuk when he was taking pictures of the stage. This TikTok video has more than 2 million views on the platform. The fans are in love with his sweet behavior. He looks like a proud father watching his sons.

Does Bang Si Hyuk have his own fandom?

The producer is well known for his close relationship with the groups of his label. He has been seen supporting the activities of all the HYBE artists. That is how he got the love of the fans.

In videos of the event, we can see that the crowd also was screaming "Bang PD", just like they usually do for the artists. Bang Si Hyuk was laughing because of his new fangirls. What do you think about it?

Read here everything about TXT and BTS together in Chicago.

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