Bang Chan on Chan's Room today Bang Chan on Chan's Room today

Bang Chan broadcast Chan's Room even though he was a little sick, STAY worried about him

Although Bang Chan was not feeling very well, he kept his promise and the STRAY KIDS leader broadcast his usual Chan's Room

Bang Chan is the best leader, STAY knows that very well and today even though he wasn't feeling well he decided to broadcast his weekly Chan's Room, how was the STRAY KIDS member on VLive?

STRAY KIDS has extremely cool members in their lineup, the leader is Bang Chan, an extremely talented artist and dedicated to both music, stage, his group and his fans as well. Actually, Chan has done an excellent job with his role in the idol group.

And it is that Chan had a great responsibility for SKZ even before the debut of the K-Pop group, because he helped with the composition of it, chose the best boys to form it. He now not only dedicates himself to leading the boy band, he also writes, composes and produces their songs. He cares about the other members and he also cares about STAY.

This is why Bang Chan created 'Chan's Room', a weekly live show in which he shares time with STAY. In this show on VLive he usually reacts to songs, answers questions from his fans, gives them advice, tells them about his experiences and so on, it's a great show that the STRAY KIDS fanbase enjoys to the fullest.

And it is that Bang Chan tries to never fail to transmit Chan's Room, that is why today and despite not feeling very well, he had his usual program and was able to share time with STRAY KIDS fans.

Bang Chan is a bit sick but nothing stopped him from doing Chan's Room and spending time with STAY

In today's Chan's Room, Bang Chan confessed that he was a bit sick, as it seems that he had the flu. He said that he had a bit of a cough and also his throat was sore, so his voice didn't sound scratchy. STAY noticed that he also had teary eyes and that his skin was red, a symbol of fever. Still, he made his show and did not leave STAY.

As you can see, STRAY KIDS is now in Tokyo again for their concerts there, after which they will return to Korea. STAY hopes that Chan rests well and recovers soon.

Bang Chan listened to Xdinary Heroes at Chan's Room and also congratulated Gun Il on his birthday

Today's Chan's Room seemed more like a Xdinary Heroes listening party, since Bang Chan played several songs by that group. He also took the opportunity to congratulate Gun Il on his birthday, saying that he is a 98' liner like Lee Know, only older than the STRAY KIDS idol by a few months.


We love this little interaction of Xdinary Heroes and STRAY KIDS. We hope that Chan recovers soon and rests well after all the activities he has covered.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like Changbin who has a great friendship with SEVENTEEN's Dino, will they collaborate soon?

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