Jimin with black hair during a photoshoot Jimin with black hair during a photoshoot

BTS's Jimin's 4 most beautiful hair colors

All the members of BTS have a special ability to pull of any hair color spectacularly. Jimin in particular has tried out every shade on the color palette, from lavender to deep black. We've compiled a list of the best hair colors Jimin has ever had. What do you think about his style? Check the pictures below!

  • Since BTS’ debut in 2013, Jimin has had more than 10 different hair colors.
  • The ‘Butter’ singer has a net worth of $20 million.
  • He serves as a style inspiration for thousands of fans around the globe.

4) Soft pink

Jimin's pink hair during his performance of 'Spring Day' in 2017

Jimin had pink hair back in 2017, when BTS released their album You Never Walk Alone. The shade softened his features and eyes, and made him look even more adorable. Many people became BTS fans after seeing this iconic look. Jimin himself said that pink hair was his favorite. We’re hoping he tries this color out again sometime soon, because he looked unreal.

3) Electric blue

Jimin during the 2018 Love Yourself concert in Berlin

Even before he first tried out blue hair, fans were convinced that he would look amazing. Many even edited his photos to make his hair blue. No one was prepared for him to debut a fresh blue color at  BTS’ 2018 Love Yourself concert in Berlin. He trended worldwide on Twitter afterwards. Jimin later changed his hair to different shades of blue over the years. In 2020, he rocked a deep navy for the album Map of the Soul: 7. The color made him look majestic in the music videos of ‘On’ and ‘Black Swan’.

2) Platinum blond

A still shot of Jimin from the music video of 'DNA'

This is definitely the most loved look Jimin has ever had. He first revealed this style in 2016, during the band’s ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ era. Paired with colored contact lenses and eyeliner, his light locks made him look like an elegant prince. A couple of years later, the ‘Dynamite’ singer dyed his hair blond again for the song ‘DNA’ released in 2018, but this time it was a slightly brighter yellow. Jimin’s style changed too. He styled his hair in messy waves and paired them with colorful outfits, rocking the laid-back style. He can truly rock anything. 

1) Pitch black

A fan took this shot of black-haired Jimin performing on stage

With this hair color, Jimin truly proved that he can pull off any shade of hair, no matter how dark or light. Since his hair is naturally black, it suits him superbly. He dyes his hair black every once in a while, and looks amazing every time. Recently, he had platinum hair streaked with purple for ‘Butter’. But in a Tweet on 28 May 2021, he revealed that he had gone back to black. Fans were so surprised and happy that his dark locks trended on Twitter worldwide. His expressive eyes become even more intense when they’re framed by black hair. 

Black-haired Jimin at a concert

Which of these hair colors do you think looked the best? Let us know in the comments!. And if you liked this article, you’ll love this video:

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