BTS won't attend BBMAs this year BTS won't attend BBMAs this year

BTS won't attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, what's the reason for their absence?

Sadly, this year we won't see BTS at the Billboard Music Awards, why won't the group attend the awards?

BTS has been present in several editions of the Billboard Music Awards but for 2022 we will not see the group in this award ceremony.

Being an internationally recognized group, BTS has been part of the most important awards in the music industry. The idol group has participated as a presenter and performer. But Bangtan has also been nominated at such award ceremonies, as well as finally taking home the grand prizes.

One of the awards that has had Bangtan Sonyeondan as a favorite for some years now is the Billboard Music Awards. For this award, BTS has been nominated, has been a winner and has even taken the stage to delight those present. ARMY always stands out at this event for the great support they show to the band.

And we love seeing the Bangtan Boys at awards shows, from the red carpet, their arrival at the venue, the interviews they have. Fans also enjoy seeing where the idols will be sitting during the award show, so they can also see if they will have interactions with any other artists.

But it seems that this year we won't see BTS at the BBMAs, why won't they go to the awards this year? ARMY hoped to see you once again.

Why won't BTS attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards?

It has been confirmed that BTS will not be attending the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, although BigHit did not give the reason why the group will be absent, it is a bit obvious. Let's remember that the ceremony will be this coming May 15 and Bangtan is preparing hard for his comeback in June, so it is very certain that this is the reason why they will be absent.

BTS won't attend BBMAs this year | Twitter: @CookyBananaMilk

BTS has a total of 7 nominations at this year's Billboard Music Awards, is one of the artists with the most nominations and is said to be one of the most awarded at the ceremony.

What will happen if BTS receives an award at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards?

Well, not being present at the ceremony, BTS will send a thank you video for the award received. This has already happened in other awards, when the idols are busy and cannot attend, they have their thank you video and maybe this year we will see 7 videos like this from Bangtan at the Billboard Music Awards.


Very soon we will know how many awards BTS will win this year at the BBMAs, it will surely sweep tonight. The award ceremony will be on May 15, 2022.

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