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BTS wins at 2022 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and breaks their own record

For the third year BTS is the owner of the Favorite Music Group prize. They are breaking their own record at the Kids' Choice Awards.

BTS' name is registered in the Guinness World Record for various important achievements. Those records are really difficult to take away with new marks. Anyway, no one can beat BTS but BTS itself.

In this case the group has broken their own record at the Kids' Choice Awards. Do you want to know which one? We're telling you everything.

Permission To Dance On Stage backstage / By @bts_bighit

BTS won their sixth trophy at the Kids' Choice Awards

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards took place on April 9 in Santa Monica. BTS was the winner for the category Favorite Music Group.

Last year the K-Pop group with five wins got the Guinness World Record for the agrupation with more prizes for the Kids' Choice Awards. The place was shared with Fifth Harmony who have, as well, five wins.

With the results of the latest ceremony BTS broke that tie, now the group has six awards. Even though Bangtan didn't attend the event, the members sent a video message to accept their award with an English speech.

BTS mesagge for the Kids' Choice Awards / By @nxclxdamn

The leader RM thanked the Kids' Choice Awards and said they were honored. Jimin dedicated the prize to ARMY. And Suga made a promise:

We will never, ever stop trying our best, and we will show you great performances.

Finally V sent a "We love you, ARMY!"

The Korean group won their first award of this ceremony in 2018 for "Favorite Global Music Star". Last year the members took three prizes in the same night. "Best song", "Favorite Music Group" and again, "Favorite Global Music Star".

Are you happy for the guys? What is the new record they could break? Check here some other BTS records.

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