Bangtan to start their activities for Proof Bangtan to start their activities for Proof

BTS will start their comeback activities now that they are back from the White House

After visiting the United States, BTS is ready to start activities for comeback with 'Proof' in Korea

BTS' comeback is almost here and the idol group has a lot of surprises in store for 'Proof', they will soon start their comeback activities after their successful visit to the White House.

The countdown to BTS comeback has begun. After the long wait, ARMY will have new songs and performances that the K-Pop group has prepared. Although there will not only be 3 new songs that will take us on a new adventure with Bangtan.

'Proof' will be an anthology full of those Bangtan Sonyeondan hits from the past, we will find songs from various albums, many of which have become ARMY favorites. The concepts that Bangtan is using for this comeback call us a lot of attention because they are basically opposite and contrasting.

The Bangtan Boys have been generating great anticipation for their comeback with 'Proof' in different teasers, photos, videos and more that have shown a bit of the process for this upcoming comeback that is about to arrive. But they have also had other activities even outside their country.

This is why now that BTS has returned from the United States after their visit to the White House, the idols will finally start their comeback activities with 'Proof', when will it be?

BTS is about to start their comeback activities after their visit to the White House

On June 10 BTS will start with their comeback activities, they are already back in Korea after traveling to the United States to visit the White House and meet Joe Biden, they also gave an important message at the end of the month against Asian Hate In America.

BTS is going to start with comeback activities | Twitter: @LhyemahNx

June 10 is the day we can listen to BTS's 'Proof' in full, maybe the idol group will also perform on some Korean music show and have their ARMY Comeback show.

In which music program could we see BTS' first performance with their comeback? 

Perhaps BTS' 'Yet To Come' is the song that will perform in this comeback and since the date of the comeback is next Friday, June 10, Bangtan could perform on Music Bank. Tomorrow we would know for sure since the program usually launches the preview of their comebacks next week.

So maybe it's on this show that BTS will do their first performance of 'Proof', how exciting! ARMY has everything ready to break all records with this new Bangtan release, we can't wait any longer.

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