Work Out with BTS! Work Out with BTS!

BTS will now exercise with you, this is how they encourage ARMY to work out

'Work Out with BTS!' is like going with the group to the gym, now ARMY will excercise alongside their favorite idols

BTS members have always sought to be satisfied with their bodies and they even go to the gym. Now, they will be ARMY's personal coaches with this new program of 'Work Out with BTS!'

There is much we can admire about BTS and its members. First of all, their work, effort and passion for music and dancing, which is what makes them give the best of themselves in each song and performance. Second, the personalities of these idols, always warm and sweet to their fans, but also strong and exemplary when needed.

And last but not least, the visuals of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan. And it is that many fans find them extremely attractive, thanks to that natural beauty with which they were born. We can also see that a lot of the body of the idols in the group steal glances and cause envy in more men who wish they had that bearing.

Since pre-debut, the members of Bangtan went to the gym, although many abandoned it, others of them continue to work with exercises to have a body with which they feel satisfied and that has also made ARMY fall in love even more when it is possible to see them.

And now, fans will also be able to exercise alongside their favorite idols, BTS has implemented a new program to encourage their fans to work out.

Work out with BTS! is the new educational program that will put ARMY to exercise

HYBE EDU has launched a new show for BTS fans, 'Work Out With BTS'. This will encourage ARMY to exercise alongside the Bangtan members. This will be a 5-day challenge in which the members of the boy band will be your personal coaches and will teach you some exercise routines.

The first video of this educational series was published today and it lasts just over 10 minutes so it can be a very good routine to start for those who are not used to exercising, for example. It's great that BTS cares about ARMY who wants to change their movement habits.

BTS is also teaching their fans how to cook Korean food

In addition to this new exercise program, BTS is also teaching their fans how to cook Korean food with 'The BTS Recipe in Korean', this other series already has a couple of episodes that you can watch on YouTube.


So there's a lot to learn from BTS, isn't that great? The idol group really works hard not only on their music, but also to promote their culture and enliven the lives of their fans with other activities.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, or... about Hwang In Yeop, why? 'Cause he might be an ARMY and he said which ones were his favorite Bangtan's songs.

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