BTS will join Joe Biden soon BTS will join Joe Biden soon

BTS will meet with Joe Biden at the White House, what will they be working on?

BTS will meet with Joe Biden very soon and will play a major role in a new campaign with the US government

BTS has great importance on a cultural level and that is why they will soon work with the United States government and their meeting in the White House.

BTS has become one of the most popular K-Pop bands of all time. With their music and performances, this idol group has managed to conquer millions of fans around the world. People who support, love and admire the boundless idol group and who also put them on top music charts.

But it's not just about music, Bangtan Sonyeondan has radically changed Korea's culture in some way. First, because many fans are now interested in learning about the history of the country, they also want to visit it, this increases tourism. Many Bangtan and K-Pop fans also want to learn Korean.

This is why the Bangtan Boys play an extremely important role for South Korea for various causes and for their work with the government of their own country. They serve as Korea's ambassadors around the world and it is something they should be amply proud of.

This time, BTS will have a very important meeting with Joe Biden, the K-Pop group will visit the White House on a culturally important day, this is what their meeting with the United States government will be about.

BTS and Joe Biden will meet at the White House to talk about Asian inclusion and representation

According to the information, BTS and Joe Biden will meet on May 31, 2022 to talk about Anti Asian Hate Crimes and also celebrate AANHPI Heritage Month. So Bangtan will now have a great responsibility even politically to meet the president of the United States and discuss such important issues for Asian people residing in the country of America.

BTS will meet Joe Biden at the White House | Twitter: @hoperuoyi

This is a historical event in K-Pop and also for the US government, really something very important that we hope will benefit all Asian communities in America. It's not just about BTS this time, but about the intention with which this meeting is being held.

ARMY believes that BTS could take an important badge from Joe Biden after their meeting

ARMY investigated about a medal that Joe Biden could give BTS on his next visit. According to the information there is a 'Presidential Medal of Freedom', this is given to people who contribute at the national level with the culture, security or other interests of the US government. It would be an excellent badge for BTS.

BTS could receive a medal from Joe Biden | Twitter: @gwenmorgan84

Surely there will be many good things from this meeting of BTS with Joe Biden, we just have to wait for it to happen and find out how the big day went, how exciting!

Keep reading more about BTS, here we have some other K-Pop groups which covered BTS sonngs, choose your favorite one!

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