BTS for 'Proof' BTS for 'Proof'

BTS will be attending the World Expo 2030 Busan Appointment Ceremony, when will it be held?

BTS will be the ambassador of the "World Expo 2030 Busan" This is everything you need to know about the appointment ceremony.

Despite announcing a hiatus, BTS has a busy schedule as a group. The members of the biggest boy band in the world are working on solo projects. However, they are prioritizing activities that can help to promote  Korean culture.

For six years in a row, Bangtan has been working in collaboration with the Korean Tourism organization to invite people of all nationalities to visit Seoul. The singers of "Yet To Come" are using their role as influencers for the benefit of their country.

BTS for 'Yet To Come' / Twitter @bts_bighit

That is not all, the K-Pop sensation is will be helping the Busan nomination for the World Expo 2030. There will be an appointment ceremony to give it the ambassador title. We have all the details for you.

BTS is ready to be the ambassador of the World Expo 2030 Busan

Busan, Korea is looking to hold the World Expo 2030. To support its nomination BTS joins the campaign to spread all over the world the beauty of this city. The boy group will be the ambassador of the event.

World Expo 2030 Appointment Ceremony poster/ Twitter @sugadboy

On July 19th will take place the appointment ceremony at 16:30 hrs (KST). ARMY all over the world will be part of the event via YouTube. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the official World EXPO 2030 BUSAN, KOREA channel.

Don't forget to set the alarm according to your local time. It is the beginning of many activities. In the next months, BTS will offer a global concert. Fans are expecting another live broadcast show.

Before the ceremony, check here the massage the members have prepared about it. As usual, BTS is the best ambassador. The group will be promoting Seoul's Tourism this year as well. Read more about it here. Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming concert.

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