BTS wants you to know this about their hiatus BTS wants you to know this about their hiatus

BTS wants ARMY to know a few things about their hiatus, what did the group members say?

BTS' RM and Jungkook have spoken out about the band's alleged hiatus and want their fans to know this

The hiatus of BTS was a trending topic absolutely everywhere and it is obvious that the topic even reached the ears of the members of the group themselves, what have they said about it? Jungkook and RM have spoken and want ARMY to know their views.

BTS is the most relevant and popular group in K-Pop right now. Their fame spreads around the entire planet and far from being only referents of Korean music, they have become something that now belongs to the general culture. This is only the result of the effort and work of their idols.

This is why the news about Bangtan Sonyeondan taking a break as a group took fans, media, critics and even those who are not fans of the idol group by surprise. When the band members mentioned a 'hiatus' from activities at their dinner for the 2022 FESTA, the world truly collapsed.

ARMY had a lot of mixed emotions, but all the fans promised to support the idols in their solo projects. They wrote letters of thanks and swore that they would wait for the return of the Bangtan Boys no matter how long it took. ARMY would always be there.

But everything calmed down again when HYBE assured that BTS would not actually go on hiatus and that everything had been a misunderstanding, how did the members of the group live these moments? RM and Jungkook have spoken about the issue in different media.

Jungkook and RM talked about BTS hiatus, this is what they want ARMY to know

The first BTS member who decided to speak out about the group's alleged hiatus was Jungkook. Bangtan's maknae made a VLive to communicate with ARMY and the topic of his group's break was the first thing he addressed. He said that they would not separate, he really would not, he clarified that they will have their solo and group activities.

I woke up and saw things like 'BTS hiatus', 'BTS disbanding' and everything was a mess, so I came to clear some things up. It just means that we will do more solo activities but we will continue with our group activities (...) We, BTS, are not going to disband. BTS will be forever.


While RM took Weverse to talk about it, he wrote a long text saying that the news of BTS's hiatus came to him very quickly and from everywhere. Everywhere was this news. But the Bangtan leader clarified that they have always talked about their group having a long-term relationship and that as their song 'Yet To Come' is called, the best is yet to come.

I want to thank everyone who has supported us with support, love, and energy whether from afar or close. We will put forth the effort to show our good side whether it be through group or individual activities. Thank you.

RM said this about BTS hiatus | Twitter: @BTStranslation_

So BTS is not on hiatus?

There is no BTS hiatus, HYBE reported that the group's idols will work together and individually at the same time. Their group activities will not stop and they will have more solo activities. Some of them have already announced their next mixtapes and projects away from the group.

BTS is not on hiatus | Twitter: @ON_BTS1

So now you know, we think it will be more that we will see less of BTS and more of each member separately, but there will not be a hiatus as such or complete inactivity of the band.

Keep reading more about BTS and its members, like J-Hope who is the first member to release his solo album and he'll also perform at Lollapalooza. 

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