BTS' Proof got its new tracklist BTS' Proof got its new tracklist

BTS unveils the second tracklist of Proof, these songs will be on CD #2

BTS' comeback is ready and in their anthology 'Proof' we will be able to listen to many songs, here we have the second tracklist of the album

BTS' 'Proof' will compile many of ARMY's favorite songs, but it will also have 3 new tracks never heard before, do you have everything ready for this comeback? Here is its second tracklist!

BTS will have its long-awaited comeback very soon and the idol group will not stop exciting all its fans for 'Proof', the anthology with songs from the past and 3 new ones that will surprise fans. This next album will consist of 3 CDs, each with different songs.

Being the first anthology of Bangtan Sonyeondan, we will find many songs from previous albums, tracks that have become ARMY favorites and that also represent important points in the history of this idol group. In addition to 3 new songs that will bring a fresh air to the group and their fans.

Yesterday the first tracklist for 'Proof' was published where we could find songs like 'Fire', 'ON', 'IDOL' and the first single from this comeback 'Yet To Come'. ARMY is more than happy to listen to some of her favorite tracks again and also have new songs.

This time, the 2nd tracklist of 'Proof' has been released, BTS added a new song to the 2nd CD, it will be great to hear it along with other boy band hits.

BTS' Proof has a second tracklist with more classics from the group and a new song

BTS' new song for 'Proof' will be 'Run BTS', it's the first track on the second CD for this album. In addition, we find many other boy band songs that are already considered classics, among these are 'Trivia: Seesaw', 'Her', 'Euphoria', 'Filter' and 'Moon'. This time we concentrate more on songs where only one BTS member participates or Jimin and V's 'Friends'.

Proof's second tracklist | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

There is a lot that we will be able to enjoy from this new BTS album with 3 discs containing different songs. It will be a great anthology. 'Proof' is already in presale, so ARMY can buy it now.

When will BTS release Proof? 

June 10, 2022 is the release date of BTS' 'Proof', we are still a month away from this, but we wait patiently to be able to listen to the new songs of Bangtan Sonyeondan and also enjoy the classics that we already love from the idol group.

Proof will be released in June | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

So let's wait a little longer for this great comeback that BTS has prepared for the world, surely 'Yet To Come' and 'Run BTS' will be the new favorite songs in the world.

Meanwhile, keep reading more about BTS and its members, like J-Hope who celebrated mother's day with a cute message for his mom. 

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