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BTS unreleased song 'Yet To Come' debuts on Hot Trending Songs

BTS is getting into the Billboard chart even before the release of "Proof". "Yet To Come" debuted on Hot Trending Songs before its release.

The anticipated album of BTS is conquering the world even before its release. "Proof" will be an anthology project perfect to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the group.

This massive project  will be divide in three CDs. The first includes the most iconic singles, in the second one we´ll find too many solo songs of the members. Finally, CD #3 will offer various unreleased demo versions of Bangtan's classic tracks.

BTS for Butter / By @lelebtslove

Recently the members have been revealing the reasons why they chose this track. All of them are really special for the group and ARMY.

For sure the new title single will be meaningful as well. The fanatics are looking forward to it and they are already giving it new records.

Unrelease BTS song 'Yet To Come' debuts on Billboard Hot Trending Songs

On May 17 Billboard the charts of the current week. The Hot Trending Songs chart is dominated by BTS. At No.1 we can find Jimin and Ha Song Woon collab "With You"for the third week on the chart.

Hot Trending Songs chart / By @billboardcharts

Proof's title single "Yet To Come" got into this chart even before its release. The song reached No. 14. This chart shows the most popular songs on Twitter. As it was expected ARMY is taking social media while we are waiting for the album.

Meanwhile we also can see various BTS songs on the chart: Butter No.2, Jin's solos "Yours" No.3 and "Super Tuna" No.4. Jungkook's "Stay Alive" No.5. V's track "Christmas Tree" No.6 and PSY and Suga collab "That That" No. 9.

We presage the whole album will be topping all the global charts as soon as it will be released. "Proof" will be here on June 10th. Are you ready for it?

You need to be reading for this meaningful project. Read this article to know why Jimin chose the song Friend to be part of the "Proof".

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