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BTS talks about sustainability goals with its campaign in collab with Hyundai

BTS is looking for a sustainable world. This is what the Idols have to say about it with their "Goal of the Century" campaign in collab with Hyundai.

BTS always tries to give a positive influence to the world with its music and actions. Previously we saw the K-Pop sensation talking about some social issues. At the same time, the group has donated multiple times for different causes.

The conviction these talented Idols have for help is big. Right now the singers of "Spring Day" are working hard on their upcoming album "Proof". On the other hand, they are preparing new ways to help. Here is all the information about their new campaign.

BTS in collab with Hyundai / By @BTS_MAGISHOP

BTS joins the "Goal of the Century" campaign in collaboration with Hyundai

On May 26 Hyundai revealed an interview with BTS for the campaign Goal of the Century. It will promote sustainability actions during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The members were asked about their goals with the campaign. J-Hope explained how important hope is.

Hope makes us dream, but these days, hope seems to be gradually losing its light around the world. Tomorrow's dream is often the driving force to live today.  It is our Goal of the Century that allows future generations to dream and live today.

J-Hope for 'Goal of the Century / By @ExercitusInvict

Meanwhile, RM, the plant lover of the group, said that he wants to preserve nature for future generations.

Just like I enjoy and take pleasure in the earth, I want to share beautiful nature with the next generation.

RM for 'Goal of the Century' / By @INFER_OT7

For the campaign the members chose to wear a soccer jersey with the number 7. Jimin revealed that it is the symbol of their union.

Each of us has his own unique strength. But these strengths only really become powerful when we put them together.

Jimin for 'Goal of the Century' / By @INFER_OT7

Hyundai announced that there will be a musical collab with the group. Look forward to it. What do you think about BTS words?

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