BTS has taken over Las Vegas BTS has taken over Las Vegas

BTS takes over Las Vegas before their concerts, this is what the city looks like

BTS is ready to meet ARMY at Permission To Dance On Stage and the group is everywhere in Las Vegas

BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage will be a headlining show in Las Vegas, but before this series of concerts happens, the K-Pop group has already taken over the city and that's how they're raising ARMY hype.

For BTS and ARMY there is nothing better than a concert, the K-Pop group is always coming up with something new to reach their fans in a show that is simply unforgettable. Due to the pandemic they could not have concerts in person. But even so, the idol group carried out some that were transmitted online and with which they reached fans from all over the planet.

But as the situation improved, Bangtan Sonyeondan was able to hold live concerts once again. In 2021, the idol group traveled to the US to perform in Los Angeles, 4 unforgettable dates in that city that brought together fans from all over the world. The tickets were sold out and the venue was full of ARMY.

Bangtan's 'Permission To Dance On Stage' later arrived in Seoul, South Korea. Extremely special dates, because the K-Pop group was in their native country and with the public that saw them grow. Upon completion of those shows at the venue, new dates were announced. Las Vegas would have the group with 4 great concerts for which ARMY could not wait.

And just as we come to this month of April where the next BTS concerts in Las Vegas are about to take place. The first show of four is not far away and the city is full of Bangtan Sonyeondan for everything they have prepared in this iconic place.

Las Vegas becomes the city of BTS with all these activities before their concerts

Las Vegas is already the city of BTS, the purple color predominates in the place and there are many activities that the boy band has prepared for their fans and that will be available from before their concerts, even after them. ARMY is having a great time in BTSland while staying in Nevada.

BTS has taken Las Vegas | Twitter: @LoreleyTelles

The Allegiant Stadium is also already preparing for the BTS shows, they are beginning to accommodate the stages, lighting and others so that these four great concerts can take place in the next few dates.

Alliegiant Stadium getting ready for BTS | Twitter: @I_LUVKOOK

 And we can't forget 'AREA 15', the BTS Pop-Up Store that is simply beautiful. A theme store that not only sells merch, but also an experience that no one should miss.

BTS' Pop-Up store in Las Vegas | Twitter: @tatachimmybt95

So now you know why Las Vegas is buzzing with BTS activities, the group's official color, and excitement for the upcoming Permission To Dance On Stage concerts.

When are the BTS concerts in Las Vegas?

The BTS concerts in Las Vegas will take place on April 8-9 and 15-16, the latter of these dates will also be available to watch online. Tickets for the live concert are already sold out. This event will be held at Allegiant Stadium.

Are you ready for BTS in Las Vegas? | Twitter: @Mulberrylinks

Only one day left until Bangtan's first date in Las Vegas, isn't that the most exciting thing? It will be great to see them again live and with a super amazing show. We can not wait!

Keep reading more about BTS, they're working on a new campaing for tourism in Korea, how is it going? We all want to visit Seoul and more places of that country. 

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