BTS at the 2022 Oscars BTS at the 2022 Oscars

BTS surprised at the 2022 Oscars, this was its unexpected appearance

BTS at the Oscars was quite a surprise, even for their fans, no one expected to see them at this award ceremony

BTS not only has an impact on the world of music, it also has an impact on the entire entertainment industry and its appearance at the Oscars has shown it.

BTS is the most recognized K-Pop group, it has become a benchmark and has a strength, power and impact that perhaps no one expected it would have. But today, this idol group dominates the entire music industry and their high energy and messages infect millions of fans who don't hesitate to show their love and support.

The fame and popularity of Bangtan Sonyeondan has led to the members of this boy band being considered for many projects. Being guests of honor at various events, becoming brand ambassadors and others that let us see that they are reaching larger markets and that they can influence many areas.

Seeing the Bangtan Boys at various awards of international importance is very common. The idol group has left Korea and now has participation in various events that allow ARMY to enjoy their favorite group even more with a performance or some other type of cameo in different events.

And this year, BTS was quite a surprise at the Oscars, no one expected to see them at this event and their cameo was spectacular, did you miss it?

BTS appears unexpectedly at the 2022 Oscars, this was their participation

BTS made an appearance at the 2022 Oscars, the idol group commented on their favorite musical movies, they mentioned Coco and Aladdin, Disney films. The idols confessed that they enjoyed the films of this great franchise and so was their participation in the award ceremony.

The appearance of BTS at the Oscars was great, nobody really expected to see them and it was just phenomenal. So cute, loving Disney movies.

BTS' Suga wanted to go to the Oscars and now his dream has come true

Did you know that Suga predicts the future? Well, everything Yoongi wants comes true. He once said that he wanted to get to the Oscars, even if he's not an actor, but OMG, life always surprises this rapper from BTS and now the group has appeared in said award.

Suga wanted to apperar at the Oscars | Twitter: @lovers_bro_BTS

Well that was a great cameo and a new prediction from Min Yoongi that came true, what's next? ARMY was super happy to see BTS at the Oscars.

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