BTS for 'Dynamite' BTS for 'Dynamite'

BTS' song 'Dynamite' will be played in a lunar mision

Dynamite, the sucessful song of BTS, will be part of a spacial project. The song will be play from the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter to the earth.

BTS is constantly getting new records or new innovations for their music. Best selling albums, the most stream song, billions of views on Youtube, they have everything. On the other hand, Bangtan is always working beyond the music industry with collaborations with video games, webtoons or the fashion industry. This time BTS will be helping science.

Dynamite is the first English song of the group and it was a huge success. It is the most streamed song on Apple Music durin 2021. This funky disco hit was the reason why the Grammys gave BTS their first nomination. The music video already has almost 1 billion and a half of views. Now it will be played from the moon.

The Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter is leaving to the moon to send this iconic song from space. Here is everything you need to know.

BTS for Dynamite / By @jjmimi_13

Dynamite the first song to be play from the moon

According to NASA, the Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) is the first South Korean lunar mission.  The objectives of this project include the investigation of the lunar environment, to develop the exploration technologies and demonstrate the "space internet". In order to work on this last mission Dynamite will be transmitted from the KPLO to the earth.

Since this is a Korean investigation it needs, for sure, to be considered the most popular artist of the country. Such a good taste! KPLO is scheduled to launch in August from the United States to orbit the moon for one year. In the meantime let's recall a little bit of the story of Dynamite.

BTS' Dynamite is the perfect song for hard times

In 2021 the world was suffering because of the pandemic. The global situation was full of incertitude and hopelessness. After a really good lecture on the atmosphere, in August BTS released Dynamite to cheer the world. We can feel the positive energy of the members. It is a great invitation to dance immediately with the guys. 

As result of the first full English single, BTS was at the top of Billboard charts. A few months later the K-Pop phenomenon received their Grammy nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Recently Spotify announced Dynamite is one of the most streamed songs of the history. In conclusion it's a great choice to play from the moon.

What other song would you recommend to the korean scientists? What about Jin solo "Moon"?

Did you know that BTS donate Dynamite costumes to help the music industry? Check the story here.

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