BTS for 'Proof' BTS for 'Proof'

BTS shows its duality in new concept video for the album 'Proof'

BTS' new album is almost here! The Internet is gatting crazy with the new concept photos of the members.

Would you like to listen to the best of BTS career? These talented singers themselves have prepared a recompilation of their most iconic songs. The anthology album "Proof" will be released on June 10th.

The album will include the most famous hits of the group. In the second CD, we'll enjoy some of the greatest solo songs of the members. Meanwhile, the third CD has various unreleased demo versions of Bangtan's singles.

BTS for 'Proof' / Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

We cannnot forget how excited ARMY is to finally listen to the new 3 tracks. The anticipated title single "Yet to come" is almost here. To increase the expectations the group is giving us more previews to fall for the concept of the album.

BTS drops Concept Photo Short Clip for "Proof"

On June 4th the BTS official Twitter account revealed a shot video of the members during the photoshoot of the "Proof" concept photos. In the clip, we can see the member wearing head-to-toe black outfits that fit perfectly with the bulletproof concept.

Tons of bullets on the floor, the Idols look fierce while we listen to a powerful beat. Abruptly, the background changed, now we are watching a scenario full of light, the members are posing in front of some white curtains.

BTS concept video / Twitter @V_babyzakia

At the end of the video, Bangtan looks like being in heaven with those pastels' color outfits. The last photo shows them facing the other version of themselves, the dark a powerful one.

The fanatics are wondering what is the meaning behind. Some fans think it is a visual representation of their past and the present BTS. Some other people are pointing out that this could be just the two sides of the group. What do you think about it?

You need to be ready for the comeback. Check here all the details about the BTS' schedule to perform again in music shows.

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