BTS at Inkigayo BTS at Inkigayo

BTS shines with awesome 'Yet To Come' performance, it got its 4th music show trophy

BTS rocked the stage of Inkigayo with "Yet To Come" and "For Youth". The group is the winner of the week in this music show.

"Proof" was explosive! The first anthology album of BTS came with tons of surprises. To celebrate its first chapter, it recalls the best songs in Bangtan's career. To introduce us to the second age of the group, the new tracks are perfect.

The biggest boy group in the world is getting ready to explore new paths. The members will be working on solo projects. We can't wait to see what these talented singers have prepared. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the Proof age.

BTS at Inkigayo / Twitter @bts_bighit

What song do you like the most? "Yet To Come" of "For Youth"? BTS just performed on Inkigayo these amazing songs. As was expected they are collecting more trophies with the title single. We are telling you everything.

BTS performs a wonderful version of Yet To Come in Inkigayo

On June 19th was released the latest episode of Inkigayo. BTS pre-recorded its performances for Yet to Come and For Youth a few days ago. Finally, we can enjoy the talent of the members. Both presentations have beautiful scenarios.

TXT's Yeonjun, as host of Inkigayo, was in charge of introducing the group. His words were really sweet.

My hyungs that are performing at music shows for the first time in 2 years!

Bangtan Sonyeondan!

The title single is very special, so the production staff prepared various stages for Bangtan. The show begins with the Jungkook in a lovely 'outdoor' swing. Meanwhile, the rap line had corridors and a unique room for their show. 

Every single detail was perfect! That is not all, at the end of the show, the winner song of the week was announced. Yes, BTS has now 4 music show trophies for Yet To Come. The group is unstoppable.

Did you like the show? We loved it!

Recently, BTS' Jungkook met Jay Park. This is what the rapper said about their encounter.

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