BTS is a total success in Las Vegas BTS is a total success in Las Vegas

BTS sells out 4 shows in Las Vegas and makes history in the US

BTS will bring its music with Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas, 4 shows will be full of ARMY since all of the tickets are sold out

BTS shows its impact and popularity once more, everyone wants to watch them perform live in Las Vegas, the four shows for Permission To Dance On Stage are sold out and making a new record for the boy band.

There's no doubt that BTS is the most popular K-Pop group all over the world, there a lot of fans in every corner of the planet who enjoy the music and performances of this boy band from South Korea. The seven idols from Bangtan Sonyeondan are well-know and loved by their fandom.

ARMY never fails when the fanbase shows its love, support, and admiration for every show, comeback or project where Bangtan Boys are working; that's why everything this idol group does is a total success all around the world. BTS has a really big fandom.

And little by little, the idol group has been returning to the stage, in 2021 they went to Los Angeles and held 4 shows for ARMY at the SoFi Stadium, fans from different concerts attended to these concerts and were happy to be reunited with BTS once again.

As everyone wants to watch Bangtan Sonyeondan live, the K-Pop group has revealed more dates for its Permission To Dance On Stage tour, if we can call it like that, that has dates for Seoul, South Korea and Las Vegas, US. And it's in Las Vegas where the boy band is making history and selling out all of its shows once again.

BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage has a new record since its next 4 dates in Las Vegas are sold out

BTS will be performing at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on April 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th, and all of these four dates are sold out, there are no more tickets since ARMY has already bought all of them; the venue has a capacity of 65k seats, OMG.

BTS sells out its shows in Las Vegas | Twitter: @MrsTOH2O

It means that there will be a total of  260k ARMYs who are going to watch BTS perform live in Las Vegas, the idol group also makes history in the US since it's the first asian act having shows in two of the most expensive venues, SoFi Stadium and Allegiant Stadium.

ARMY shows the long virtual queue for BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas

As you might know, Ticketmaster has a virtual queue for ticket sales, and ARMY had to stand on this virtual line for hours to get tickets, there were more that 2k trying to be in the concerts, and this fans tells how after hours, there were not a lot of seats available.

BTS sold out its tickets for PTD On Stage | Twitter: @jiminiekins

This is the power that BTS holds, ARMY really wants to watch its favorite band live and this is how Bangtan succeeds once more in the US.

Get to know more about BTS, here's something else to celebrate since Jungkook graduated from University with a special award. 

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