BTS J-Hope for the photo album of their song 'Butter' BTS J-Hope for the photo album of their song 'Butter'

BTS reveals the secret behind their song 'Butter'

The summer 2021 song, 'Butter' and their different remixes are a huge success worldwide. With the group's second all-English single release, everyone is curious about the actual reason behind it. Is it an attempt for a Grammy Award or the band has more goals associated with it? Scroll down to find out!

  • BTS made a powerful comeback with an English language single, 'Butter' on May 21st, 2021.
  • The song is already breaking the world records set up by 'Dynamite', BTS' first English language single including hitting 70 million views on YouTube within 13 hours of its release.
BTS at the 'Butter' Press Conference

Right after the release of their new English single, 'Butter' on May 21st, 2021, BTS held a Press Conference to answer media's questions related to it.

While they talked about the song's process, RM revealed that he took part in writing the rap parts of the song. 

Suga, J-hope and me all have different colors, so I really tried to highlight these differences.

Well it must have been a challenging task for him, but we can agree that he absolutely nailed his job!

Moving on to explaining the actual meaning behind the song, the band's rapper, J-Hope shared,

Butter is really energetic and cute, so the performance tries to reflect those emotions. Kissing our hands, mischievous looks, brushing our hair back — those are the highlights of the choreo... the unit choreo is very unique and fun. Look out for those.

We are completely hooked to the dance moves of 'Butter' especially the hand kiss gesture. It was interesting to see members showing off their individual charisma while working as a team.

With the band's second attempt at releasing an English language song, there are a number of speculations such as Is this for Grammy Award or number one position on Billboard Hot 100 chart? So everyone is curious to know the reason BTS decided to come back with another English language song instead of a Korean songThe members cleared this confusion as RM stated their expectation about the song's reaction.

We hope that Butter can be the summer song for 2021.

It has definitely got that summer vibe and charm to it. To further explain the details in the answer, Suga replied,

I think that we can’t say that’s completely untrue. We still maintain our hopes regarding winning a Grammy. We will challenge it once again with “Butter”. Hopefully, there will be good results. 

We are hoping to see that BTS gets the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

So, with Suga's explanation it's clear that the group is looking for a Grammy Award this time. Last time, they got the nomination in the category of' Best Pop Duo/Group' for their first English single, 'Dynamite'. Unfortunately, even by surpassing all the statistics and award's criteria they couldn't get it. However, BTS is once again set to show the world what they've got!

By agreeing to the rapper's explanation, RM added,

Just like many have been curious about, we are definitely thinking about the Grammys. We will challenge it to our best abilities.

We would love to see them appearing at the Grammy Awards and taking down the trophy with them! It will surely be a great moment. 

All the wishes and luck for BTS! 

Watch the photo gallery below:

Suga with a big smile at 'Butter' Press Conference
Yellow-haired J-Hope at 'Butter' Press Conference
Suga talking to the journalists at 'Butter' Press Conference
RM talking to the journalists at 'Butter' Press Conference
RM sending hearts at 'Butter' Press Conference

Share your thoughts about the song with us and tell us if you think Butter is better than Blackpink's 'Ice Cream' in the video below!

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