BTS' proof first tracklist is here! BTS' proof first tracklist is here!

BTS reveals the first tracklist of Proof, these are the songs that it will have

BTS' Proof CD 1 has its tracklist, the K-Pop group revealed the songs that this anthology will have

BTS has everything ready for their next comeback and with 'Proof' they will bring hits from the past and new songs, what is the first tracklist of this new Bangtan album?

BTS is ready for their next comeback, the idols have prepared 'Proof', an anthology album that will have previously released songs and also 3 more never heard before. Fans have been waiting patiently for new music from this boy band and will be hearing it very soon.

And the fact that Bangtan Sonyeondan has decided to launch an anthology means that there will be new versions, remixes and more of the idol group's songs. It will be a compilation of the best Bangtan songs and it will have more that we can enjoy in the future or with which many new fans could discover the group.

But the Bangtan Boys have not completely forgotten those fans who have been by their side for many years and 3 new songs will be contained in 'Proof'. So there will be new music and performances that we will see from the boy band as soon as the new album is released.

What songs will 'Proof' have? BTS revealed the tracklist for their upcoming album and ARMY is more than excited to hear their songs, they have the classics and new titles as well.

What songs will BTS' Proof have? This is the tracklist of the group's new album

Through their official social networks, BTS released the tracklist for the first 'Proof' CD, in which we find classics like 'Fire', 'ON' and even 'No More Dream'. And also, the last song is 'Yet To Come' the first single from Bangtan's comeback. So ARMY will be able to have their favorite songs compiled on this first 'Proof' CD.

Proof CD1 tracklist | Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC

There are many of the most popular BTS songs on this first 'Proof' CD, maybe it will be like a kind of iceberg and we will go from the most known of Bangtan to the most underground, can you imagine? We want to know what songs the other two Proof CDs will have!

When is the release date of BTS' Proof? 

June 10, 2022 is the release date of BTS' 'Proof', there is still a little over a month left for us to hear the idol group's compilation of songs and also the other 3 totally new tracks that will be released, it will be super exciting! For many Baby ARMYs this will be their first comeback.

All that remains is to wait a little longer to find out everything about 'Proof' and fully listen to this 3-CD compilation that BTS has prepared for the world.

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